Baghdad Murals, May 2009

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Below is an edited translation of the message I received from Inas Badei on May 10, 2009. Inas and her husband, Ali helped coordinate the first Iraqi mural project with Thamer Dawood in the winter of 2008.

But, out of cash and posibilities they were forced, like many refugees in Jordan, to return to Baghdad where they continue to struggle. ICAE continues to work with Inas and Ali through Faiza Al Araji, our Outreach Coordinator in Amman.

Hello Claudia,

I send to you peace from my beloved Baghdad, and I hope that you are in the best of health and wellness:

Thank you for your cooperation with me in this project that helps to deliver the voice of the children of Iraq to the children of America through the expression in the painting. I hope that seeing these drawings the children of America will see the children of Iraq. I want you to know how happy this project made the children, despite the suffering they have endured and the very limited circumstances of their lives. But, this was our challenge. They arrived drawing innocent voice and a hope to express out their colors and brush to plant the spirit of optimism. I hope the project will continue because all the Iraqis love painting and there are many children and young people who would like to participate. I Adheihm (the artist) promised to participate again if the wonderful project continues

I repeat my thanks in cooperating with me.

Inas Badei

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